Week 7 Entry

Recently received the news that my parents have purchased my ticket home for the holiday break! This makes me so incredibly happy, but it also means I’ll be taking part in the largest factor in my ecological footprint. Even though I don’t drive a car at all, the frequency with which I fly causes my carbon footprint to be quite deep! I wish there was a more efficient way to travel 13 hours worth of driving in a shorter time period without annihilating the environment.

Once again there is that factor of convenience that we as humans can’t seem to get away from..like how american of me to put so many stipulations on finding an alternative, greener, method of transportation… is it really that bad to only use green methods of transit if it is just as fast or just as cheap as uncleanly means of transportation. Is it presumptuous of me to avoid giving up my precious family time for the entire world’s health and longevity?

What a terrible moral predicament to be in!

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