Deed #31: Return a Shopping Cart

I have never worked at a grocery store…or any business for that matter… as a person who takes care of the carts. It has never been my job to corral up dozens of random carts from a parking lot and return them to the store front where they belong. Regardless of this hole in my work history, I am somehow still able to find the compassion to help out this particular type of employee every time I bring a cart out to my car at the store. I think it is a small, but significant way to make that persons day better. I also think of returning your shopping cart as a common courtesy that everyone should partake in because it reduces the stress drivers experience when they have to navigate a parking lot littered with various shopping cart obstacles, especially if the carts are obstructing excellent parking spaces! So this is just a reminder that something as simple as returning your shopping cart before leaving a business can be a deed positive enough to make someone’s day a bit brighter. 🙂


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