The next few chapters of my life will be happily spent at Central Michigan University so naturally I plan on chocking them full of various activities and involvements. Here is the less hectic version of that life decision, neatly written out for all to see and potentially inspiring enough to make you get up and get involved as well…

Freshman Year (2013/2014):

  • Campus Grow (RSO) – I joined as a general member in the fall of my freshman year and loved working with it so much that in my second semester I ran for and obtained the position of Co-Coordinator for the organization.They work to deliver the tools and knowledge for people to be self-sustainable, earth friendly, and educated on food insecurity. I plan to work faithfully with this organization through the day I graduate.
  • Circle K (RSO) – I joined this organization in the fall of my freshman year and loved the opportunities it gave me to serve my campus and surrounding community. I have met some great people through Circle K and worked with some amazing businesses as well. They do a great job of volunteering in many different forms and in a variety of locations. Unfortunately I could not continue to be an effective and active member through my second semester due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Floor Senator for Barnes Hall – I have loved every second of serving as a Barnes Hall Floor Senator. It has helped me tremendously in creating a sense of community on campus and has allowed me to meet some wonderful people.The job of a Floor Senator includes attending and participating in the weekly Hall Council/Committees meetings as well as informing their fellow residents of the events happening in the Hall. I will never forget the memories I have made as a Second Floor Senator for Barnes Hall!
  • Grad Ball Lead Team – The LAS Grad Ball is a fun and fancy event put on by the Leader Advancement Scholars each year to celebrate the senior cohort members memories and accomplishments from their time on campus here at CMU. The Grad Ball lead team is responsible for planning, preparing, setting up and tearing down the entire event. Sound like a lot of work? It is. However, it is quite rewarding work and honestly pretty fun too! The lead team had a great mix of LAS members from freshman like me all the way up to seniors, which gave us a great variety of ideas and resources. As a freshman I’m glad this was my first lead team, our purpose was more recreational than serious and I really enjoyed the fruits of our labor come April.

Sophomore Year (2014/2015): 

  • Campus Grow (RSO) – I continue to enjoy working with Campus Grow as the Co-President! This year alone my Co-President, Meghan, and I have coordinated many fun new events for students on campus and community members alike. This year my responsibilities for this organization have increased a great deal; they now include planning and running the weekly general meetings, producing and sending out the listserv emails to all members, planning and coordinating events for the RSO and the list goes on.
  • Student Environmental Alliance (RSO) – This year I finally was able to make time to attend the meetings of an RSO I’ve wished to join since arriving at Central Michigan: the Student Environmental Alliance or as it’s known around campus, SEA! I love this group because the people in it are phenomenal beings and that alone makes the meetings 100% worth my time, but I also very much believe in the mission and ideals that the organization holds as a whole. I look forward to working with SEA for the rest of my time at Central and hopefully through them, helping to change the world for the better in regards to how we treat the environment!
  • Social Lead Team – This year I was placed on the Social Lead Team for the Leadership Institute of CMU! My teams mission is to plan and execute at least two major social events for the Leadership Institute this year. I love this lead team because it seems like we all work pretty well together and focus on being efficient with all that we do, which I feel is rather important. My lead team coordinators have been incredibly on top of it as far as communication and organization are concerned and I really appreciate that! I look forward to taking part in the events we have planned for the L.I, but more than that I am excited to see the rest of the Leadership Institute enjoy the fruits of my team’s labor!
  • Barnes/Robinson Hall Front Desk Associate – For the entire year I worked as a Barnes/Robinson hall front desk associate and absolutely loved every second of it!! Even during the latest of shifts and throughout the most hectic of weeks, I genuinely enjoyed working with the Barnes/Robinson Hall staff and residents. This job was tremendous because it allowed me to practice my customer service and general office skills while meeting some of the most genuine and loving people I have encountered in my life.

Junior Year (2015/2016):

  • Campus Grow (RSO) – Every year with this organization gets better and better! It is now a major part of my life and dominates a good portion of my schedule. I have met incredible people through this group and done things I never imagined I would! This year my involvement with the organization has been most defined by general and e-board meeting planning/running, managing the physical garden work, working to implement a campus farmers market at CMU. I loved every minute of working with our amazing new e-board and general members and as always all the memories with my Co-Pres Meghan and Adviser Patti 🙂 I am very sad to say that the fall semester of this year was Meghan’s last semester serving as Co-President with me, she graduates this spring and needed the time for herself. I am, however, still very excited to welcome our new Co-President Morgan Witherspoon aboard. Cannot wait for another year with this organization, I don’t even want to begin thinking about the fact that it will be my last!
  • Student United Way (RSO) – My mentor and great friend Mike began this organization as a means of sharing his passion for working with the United Way to serve his community, in this case the Mount Pleasant Community and Campus of Central Michigan University. Although I was not able to attend all the meetings or be as actively involved as I would have liked to through the fall semester, the few meetings I did attend and the communication that was maintained made me feel so excited to see the outcomes of all the hardwork that group has put in.
  • Study Abroad – This spring from January 7th to May 19th I am studying abroad in Queretaro, Mexico at the private university Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Queretaro. It has been the experience of a life time and one of the greatest learning opportunities I have received thus far at Central Michigan. I honestly can see my skills in the Spanish language increasing every week I am here and the cultural knowledge I’m gaining could not be picked up anywhere else. I have made friendships with people from all over the world that I know will last me a lifetime and come to know myself better through traveling and living abroad independently. Although I have missed CMU, there is not enough space on the internet for all the amazing things I could share about my experiences in Mexico so far (and I still have two and a half months to go).
  • Lead Letter Lead Team – This year my lead team was responsible for creating the Leadership Institute Lead Letter. My specific role in this was to cover the Homecoming Ambassadors of CMU and their involvements both in the L.I and in CMU as a whole. This task was a bit daunting for me because it meant what I wrote had to be print worthy quality and I am no journalist. It took me a while to commit to actually submitting what I had written and gathered from the ambassadors, partly due to my fear of inadequate journalism skills and partly because of the time it took the ambassadors to respond to my “interview” questions about their experiences. In the end, I felt happy with the piece I submitted and thoroughly enjoyed reading the ambassadors responses to my questions about their time at CMU and involvements with the Leadership Institute.
  • Saxe/Herrig/Celani Hall Front Desk Associate – Working with this staff of individuals was a whole new experience for me. We all came from such different walks of life and the dynamic of the desk services in the SHC building was quite different from that of my previous desk jobs, but in the end I felt like I left the staff a more open and understanding person, somewhat more patient and certainly happier than when I started. I learned a great deal about multi-tasking and the importance of privacy of information in certain professional situations. I wouldn’t trade my time with the SHC Desk staff for anything!

Senior Year (2016/2017):

  • Campus Grow (RSO) –  Saying goodbye to Campus Grow is without a doubt one of the hardest parts of graduating from Central Michigan University. It has been such a wild and thrilling ride to serve as the President of this organization for 4 straight years, bringing everything from National Food Day Community Dinners to Farmers Markets onto the campus of CMU. I’ve made lifelong friends and learned a great deal about handling the not so fabulous stuff with the grace and precision a president should. I spent much of my year tabling for the organization and working in the garden to keep the club as strong as possible. Lately I have been taking the steps to ensure that the next leader of Campus Grow has all the tools she needs to make it a success as I slowly but surely pass it down to someone new. I’m excited to continually stay involved with all the wonderful new developments in the organization, like our recent introduction of the tarping method to the garden and our addition of committees to the club. As I prepare to graduate and leave CMU all that comes to mind is that famous quote by A.A. Milne, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Thank you Campus Grow.
  • Student Environmental Alliance (RSO)  – Once again I have found a year that I am able to attend more of this organization’s events and keep up on what they are doing across campus and nationally as well. Unfortunately it has come at the end of my career here at CMU! This organization has given me numerous friends and allies in my journey to be a continuously more environmentally healthy human and environmentally conscious citizen. I’ve done things as loud as march through the streets of New York City with them to raise our voices against Climate Change and as soft as viewing documentaries to learn together about our world. I’m so grateful CMU has such a strong proenvironment presence on campus and furthermore that this organization has the strength to constantly keep the students informed and involved with environmental issues.
  • Student Budget Allocation Committee – Known as SBAC around campus, this committee has made me feel leaps and bounds more informed about my university and the campus life taking place there every day. My eyes have been opened to the world of finances and budgeting on a much larger scale than what I’m used to and along with that the level of decision making that fuels it all. My teamwork and collaboration skills have been both tested and cultivated in this environment; I can say with honesty that my time as secretary on the committee has made me a better team member. I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve made through this experience and the sense of belonging they have given me throughout.
  • Down Under Food Court – Working at the Down Under Food Court in the University Center on campus has been a whirlwind of an experience. I love so much working at the heart of campus! This was my first food service type job and it was an entirely new experience for me. I have tried my best to pick up shifts that allowed me to work in nearly every station as well as behind the scenes in the kitchen and at the front of the action as a cashier. I’ve been able to experience everything from learning how to wrap the perfect burrito to stocking everything well into a small walk in cooler, running a huge commercial dish machine to greeting every customer with a smile at the register. My coworkers have been so kind and quirky, everyone’s individual personality is truly what makes it such a fun place to work. I’ll never forget this experience and continually try to grow from it in my very own kitchen at home.


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