Deed #36: Thank Someone in Uniform

This deed was a little harder for me, not because I’m not thankful for our men and women in the line of public service, but because I feel like there is nothing more awkward than randomly telling someone thank you! I got over my awkward shyness to thank someone that I feel truly deserves the praise and appreciation; Alaska State Trooper: Mr. Hunter Hull! He has worked as a State Trooper for a few years and was recently moved to the fish and game division of the force. I’ve met him a few times because I’m spending the summer with my aunt, who he is good friends with, and have talked to him about his job and personal life.

Just based on all the everyday things he does for the state and community I was feeling pretty grateful for his service, but after I found out he was involved in a particularly dangerous high speed chase through town I knew I wanted to vocalize my appreciation for his work!

Thank you again Hunter! Meeting men and women that risk their lives everyday for the sake of the public really restores your faith in humanity! Thank you!

photo 1

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