Week 4 Entry

This week I tried to focus on the actions I’m noticing in others and how it affects my life in regards to the environment. This year I do not own a car and instead use a mountain bike to get from place to place, however the majority of my friends have cars and more often than not will jump at the opportunity to drive me wherever I need to go. This is not a bad thing, I adore that my friends are sweet enough to look out for me and reach out in such an actively helpful way, but there is no where that I ever need to be that is not within a bike-able distance. I greatly appreciate their offers, yet I feel as though asking my friends to drive their cars around for me defeats the point of driving my bike from place to place. Why put the unnecessary auto emissions into the atmosphere when I am perfectly capable of biking myself places, it may be a tad more inconvenient at times, but in the long run it will be the better choice I feel. Even more than that though I am noticing that the friends of mine that have cars and non-motor forms of transportation as well, almost always choose to use their car to get somewhere, even if that destination is only a street or so away.

This was me last year; although I did not have a bike or skateboard or any other non-motor form of transportation aside from my own two feet, I still could have chosen to walk over drive to places near enough for such a trip. I did not make that choice often enough, I remember taking the convenient and easy way out by driving numerous times! I watch my friends do it all the time this year and it’s quite different analyzing the decision from the outside perspective, but in the end my friends and I both are harming the environment by using our cars for every little move we make.

I know it’s not realistic to think that everyone everywhere choose to use a non-motor form of transportation all the time, but I certainly think that opting for something besides a car for short trips is doable.

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