Living Curiously

At my high school graduation ceremony I was given the honor of making a Salutatorian speech, I didn’t view it as an honor at first, but in the process of writing it I found my own views on knowledge and education are defined by the following advice I gave:

“Never Stop Learning:

This isn’t a lecture on the importance of going to college fresh out of high school. I am simply advising you to live life always hungry for more knowledge! I believe there are things in this world that not a single college will ever teach you about. Things you can learn if you live curiously and explore. Ask questions, lots and lots of questions! If you do that you will have an education that cannot be defined by any college degree, it will be much greater!”

Although everyday at Central Michigan University is showing me that attending college is a decision I will never, in any way, regret, I still believe that experiential learning is the best method in expanding your knowledge of this Earth and everything in it. With this in mind, I am pursuing a degree in Spanish accompanied by a double minor in Leadership and Environmental Studies. I hope to use this combination of certified education to obtain a job working with people of all walks of life and languages to better the environment and the situation of hunger in our world.


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