Deed #15: Be Generous with Compliments

Tonight there was a celebration to recognize the graduating seniors of the 2010 Leader Advancement Scholars class. The event was called Grad Ball and hosted four generations of L.A.S cohorts in the Comfort Inn in Mount Pleasant, MI. I am a part of the freshman class of the Leader Advancement Scholars and was able to attend the joyous event. Not only did I love all of the wonderful venue decorations, but I also loved seeing everyone’s beautiful clothing ensembles. Although the Grad Ball was not a formal attire event, the guests were all still dressed stunningly and I did not let that go unrecognized. Instead of simply noticing that people had put a little extra effort into their appearance tonight I decided to compliment people on their style and adorable looks. It was also a night to recognize all of the great things the senior class had and continues to accomplish both on campus and out in the real world! There were so many wonderful activities and accomplishments to compliment people on achieving!

It gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling knowing a few words of positive recognition could put such large authentic smiles on so many peoples faces. I loved being generous with compliments tonight, it felt as if I had the power to spread joy and I was not going to waste that for even a moment!

photo (11)

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