Deed #25: Make a New Friend

Coming to college I was incredibly scared that I would have trouble making new friends. I have been at Central for almost a year now and can’t go anywhere on campus without running into at least one friend! I have to say that this is one of the best feelings and much of it is thanks to the Leader Advancement Scholar program I am a part of! I have met so many new friends through this program and quite recently this very program has given me the opportunity to make another new friend!

Since I am a Leader Advancement Scholar I am assigned a mentor when I come into college as a freshman, likewise I am assigned to an incoming freshman next fall as their mentor. This past week I was able to introduce myself via facebook to the person I will call my new mentee and even more importantly my new friend! I was so excited to announce to Danielle that I will get the chance to work closely with her next year and get to know her as an individual! We’ve already talked a little on facebook and I am very happy to end this school year with a new friend that I will get to see in the fall! I’m also eager to help Danielle make new friends on campus as well!


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