Deed #4: Donate a Dollar

It’s the end of February which means the season for Relay for Life is upon us! Relay for life is an event that I have always been passionate about volunteering for and participating in. Although now I’m far from my hometown Relay team, I am determined to make this year no different than the last few as far as Relay for Life is concerned.

That’s why, even though my stomach was still a little queasy from Central’s cafeteria food, I jumped at the opportunity to donate money to a Relay for Life fundraiser last night. Literally jumped, shimmied, and danced my way through a session of Zumba for a Cure. Participation in the class was free, but they did ask for donations of any size to go towards the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. I happily handed over a dollar for the cause and my friend Jess, who told me about the event in the first place, donated $3.00.

We had a great time at this event! Below is a clip of a Zumba class dancing to my favorite song from our Zumba for a Cure evening. Give it a listen 🙂


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