Deed #24: Donate to a Food Pantry

This semester I donated much of my time and talents to the Community Compassion Network’s Stationary Food Pantry of Mount Pleasant, MI. I went there nearly every Monday and Wednesday afternoon for about a month and a half to volunteer in any way that I was able. This practice began with a group service project I was assigned in my Leadership 320 class at Central Michigan University, taught by Dr. Eric Buschlen. My group of three people, including myself, chose the Community Compassion Network’s Food Pantry as our nonprofit to work with and eventually evaluate. We each donated many hours to the pantry and in the end gave them a full SWOT Analysis as well. I feel, even though I did not donate tangible food products or a monetary amount to the pantry, that my donation of service and well-thought out advice was just as helpful to the pantry in the long run. I’m very glad we picked the community food pantry as our site because we met some wonderful people and were really able to use our time and talents to make a difference!

IMG_4828 IMG_4922 IMG_4929


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