My Aspirations

Personal Goals

It is in my opinion that every successful person on Earth has goals that they work towards and wish to accomplish.  My lifestyle is no exception to this belief, I strive to be successful and therefore I set goals for myself constantly. Currently some of my personal goals include learning to speak fluent Spanish and rejuvenating/reforming the way a Registered Student Organization on campus is run. I took three years of Spanish in high school and am currently working on a Spanish minor at Central Michigan University which will greatly help me on my path to becoming a fluent Spanish speaker. As far as the rejuvenation of an RSO on campus is concerned I have obtained a role as Co-Coordinator for the organization I have been involved with, it’s called Campus Grow.  I’m happy to say that I have been able to implement some new organization methods and ideas for workshops into the weekly routine and agenda of the organization. My main personal goal, for at least this year, is to live a simpler lifestyle by trying my hardest to engineer anything I may need out of the items I already have lying around. I want to save my money and spend more time “in” generating exciting things to do rather than search for happiness in the common, generic forms of entertainment that society most often chooses to engage in.  It is hard to do sometimes, but to work toward this goal I am passing up on some opportunities to go places such as the movie theatre or to concerts with friends.

Professional Goals

                I have many goals for myself in a professional capacity as well and these include, but most certainly are not limited to: graduating college with a Bachelors degree, studying abroad, and serving in the Peace Corp. I would like to expand on each of the professional goals I listed above beginning with my plan to graduate college and obtain a Bachelors degree. I am still deciding on what area/field of study I would like my degree to be in, but I know without a doubt that I will continue to focus and work towards earning a Bachelors degree that will allow me to achieve my next goal, which is serving in the Peace Corp. I have always dreamed of joining the Peace Corp after graduating high school and now I am continuing to work towards that dream by furthering my education in college. Since coming to Central Michigan University I have found another goal of mine to be studying abroad.  I am currently studying Spanish to further prepare me for a study abroad term in what I hope would be a Spanish speaking country.


                All of my goals are their own individual item and require attention separate from the other aspects of my life, this means that each goal is on its own timeline as well.  For example, I plan on achieving my aspiration of joining the Peace Corp in the next five to six years, but I plan on becoming fluent in Spanish by the end of the next two years. Some of my goals are harder to place on a timeline because they could last forever like my plan to rejuvenate and reform Campus Grow; organizations can always use an internal upgrade and should always be open to new ideas. However, I would say that it is my goal to feel as though I have done all I can to reform Campus Grow for better by the end of the next three years. My goal to live simpler also proves difficult to place a time constraint on because yes I am challenging myself to go the entire year with this new mentality, but I am open to the idea of living like this for the rest of my life as well. My goals that have to do with Central, such as graduating with a Bachelors degree and studying abroad, are put on the timeline set partially by the college and partially by the decisions I make. I am expected to graduate in four years which then forces me to fit my study abroad venture within the limits of that time frame.

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