Deed #29: Stop Negative Conversation

Tonight was a bit of a rough night for one of my roommates, a good friend of hers was unable to come visit and it left her feeling very down on herself. After a short time she began to question her worth and whether or not she was worthy of the visit or worth the distance. I love my roommate very much and just seeing her sad alone makes me hurt, but once her thoughts turned to a negative conversation with herself, I couldn’t watch it anymore. I firmly told her to stop, I would not allow her to say bad things about herself while I was in the room, it just isn’t healthy!

We talked about her feelings for a moment and then just relaxed for a bit. Her self bashing stopped and although she still seemed upset about the whole thing I think she was much closer to feeling normal the minute she stopped beating herself up out loud! I’m glad I was in the room to hear her and stop her negative conversation before it escalated any more! I simply love that girl and I want her to love her to, but no amount of negative conversation will make that happen!

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