Deed #23: Help Someone Whose Car Has Broken Down

As ashamed as I am to say it, I know close to nothing about cars! How they work, how they run, how they’re made, I know very little about any of it. This is why, even though I feel terrible, I hardly ever stop to help people who appear to have car troubles on the road. Also because I’m a young girl who is often unaccompanied, but mostly because I would be of very little help to anyone even if I did stop. Instead of helping in mechanical ways, I try to help my friends whenever I can by giving them rides or letting them borrow my car.

Tonight I am taking my friend Becky to a banquet she needs to attend for her Registered Student Organization. Becky doesn’t have a car on campus and the location of the banquet is to far for her to reach on bike, so I’m helping out by taking her in my car. This not only helps Becky get to her banquet, but gives me the chance to hangout and chat with Becky for a bit! 🙂

Earlier in the semester one of my friends, Bri, was hired as a nanny for a woman that lives a town over. My friends car was still at home from the long winter break and she needed a way to get to her job every week. Since I was not using it at the times she had work, I loaned my car to Bri every Sunday for a few weeks. It helped Bri get to work and made me feel good that I was able to alleviate her stress of constantly finding transportation.

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