Deed #8: Be a Role Model

Being a role model is not something I believe you should limit to a few concentrated actions every now and then. It is a practiced way of life you should constantly be working on; working towards becoming a better role model for others. This is a philosophy I strive to incorporate in my everyday life and I hope that in some small way I encourage others to do so too.

However for the sake of this challenge I’m going to share one specific instance where I feel I recently acted as a proper role model. Last Friday I was given the incredible opportunity to travel to Detroit with my Leader Advancement Scholarship cohort. While there we worked with a group of students from the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. At the school, we as a cohort helped teach the students how to facilitate a few leadership activities by engaging with the kids and actively taking part in the games. I was a part of a small group of seven (7) Central Michigan students and four (4) Jalen Rose students. My job as a group member was to co-facilitate the “Establishment of Team Goals and Values” exercise.  I did my best to gently guide the students through the activity, while still enabling them to have control over which team values were picked. I feel that being put in this leadership role automatically made me a candidate to be any one of the students’ role model. Keeping this in mind, I also would like to say that I feel as though my actions aligned very well with how I would like to have been perceived by the Jalen Rose students.

Jalen Rose Leadership AcademyJalen Rose Team

This experience is one of many that has taught me the importance in acting as a role model at all times! Not only does it make you feel  better about your own life to carry out your daily interactions in a way you feel is respectable, but it can have an unimaginable impact on the lives of others as well.

The Wacky Bananas

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