Leadership Lives On

Leadership is not a role you walk into for certain projects and then walk away from as soon as that project is complete. Leadership  is a lifestyle someone upholds through their choices and the way they treat the people around them in every situation! This is important because it shows a persons true character and can portray how they really feel about a person or cause. It is also important because showcasing great leadership skills can bring many benefits to not only the leader themselves, but also the cause for which they are working.

During the time Meghan and I worked on the road to the on campus farmers market alone, it was our leadership skills that shone bright and caught the attention of the media which led to an interview that once published brought the expertise and leadership of Damian to our team. Later on down the road our leadership skills helped us ensure commitments from farmers when trying to pull together a large enough market to be effective on campus.

Finally, perhaps one of the most relevant points of all during this journey, Damian extended the offer to Meghan and I to hold leadership positions on the board of his non-profit business. Our leadership skills had shown him all he needed to see and after being able to observe our leadership and skills in action he was convinced we were the right choice! We both accepted and plan to do great work with Real Food Grows.

Our leadership positions within one project were great, but like I said before, they didn’t stop just because the market successfully went up, just because we got what we wanted. They led to other opportunities!