Deed #7: Treat Yourself

This past weekend is nothing but a flurry of busy, stressful, pent up energy in my memory. I would probably try my best to just forget all about it had I not taken a step back and made the decision to treat myself on Saturday night.

My suitemate Becky was visited this past weekend by her younger sister, Amy! Becky is from out of state so for her sister to travel such a distance for a weekend visit was a bit of a big deal. Both Becky and Amy were content to just stay in the Residence Hall and enjoy each other’s company for most of the weekend, with one exception, they each had completed the entire series of the popular new Divergent books and wanted very badly to see the movie in theaters! They ended up making plans to see the movie and were nice enough to extend the invitation to tag along to myself and a few other friends. Although I had not read the books before I was intrigued by the movie trailer and gratefully accepted the offer to join them!

Needless to say, the movie was fantastic! I recommend it to anyone seeking out the entertainment of an action film! It was a real treat to not only see a new movie, but also to spend a night out with some amazing friends!

photo (6)

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