Deed #16: Share Your Knowledge

I have recently become very interested in greenhouse gardening. Much of this interest has stemmed from my visits to the large and quite beautiful greenhouse we have here on CMU’s campus and after working in the greenhouse a bit, my interest in greenhouse gardening has only grown stronger. However, I realized that while I harbored a lot of desire to work with greenhouses, I still knew very little about how they work and their history, so I took it upon myself to do a little research. Once I had gathered what I felt to be enough information to understand the basic workings and background of greenhouse gardening, I decided to share my findings with my Registered Student Organization: Campus Grow! I created a PowerPoint to present at one of their meetings and told the members all about what I had found and how it relates back to the greenhouse we have on campus. Some of them already knew a little about the greenhouse and were able to really comment on and engage in what I was saying. I enjoyed getting the chance to share my research and new found knowledge with others, it was fun to play the part of the teacher!

Greenhouse Presentation – Campus Grow 2014

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