Ecological Footprint

This year I am taking the Biology 240: Natural Resource Conservation class at Central Michigan University. As one of our class projects we are required to journal (at least once a week) about our ecological footprint. We were instructed to take note of the aspects of our personal lifestyle that causes our ecological footprint to be so large. Along with that we are asked to ponder which of these aspects is the most realistic for us to actually take action and consciously change in order to lessen the size of our footprint. Also our journal will include a list of the lifestyle aspects that are more unrealistic or difficult to change and explore why.

Not only are we asked to reflect and journal on our own behaviors, but also to make observations of the people around us, specifically in regard to the actions they exhibit that we feel have an effect on their ecological footprint and therefore the rest of the earth!

I will be using this page to post my journal entries and hopefully use it as an accountability tool to channel my habits into a more ecologically/environmentally friendly lifestyle. I also hope that this page will reach out and encourage others to seek a better understanding of this wonderful world we live in and how to treat it better.

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