Deed #37: Make a Bird Feeder

This fall I had the opportunity to learn how to make environmentally friendly bird feeders that can be safely hung in the wild and will, after being eaten off of, decompose naturally and quickly into the earth! These feeders are made of few simple ingredients: Peanut Butter (we used organic peanut butter for this), Pine Cones and a bag of bird seed.

photo 1        photo 5

Making the feeders was an incredibly messy endeavor and tested my self-control nearly the whole time, because come on who can hold themselves back when their hands are smothered in yummy smelling peanut butter. However I was able to churn out numerous feeders for the birds and hang them on a few different trees within a timespan of a couple hours! All of the feeders were hung from tree branches by the community garden located on Central Michigan University’s campus!

photo 3

I loved this activity and felt good that I was able to provide the birds with easy food for the coming cold season! Making these is super simple and fun and I would highly recommend it for anyone of any age from toddler to elderly people. I facilitated this activity with my Registered Student Organization members and some local community members at our annual harvest party and all had a blast!

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