Leadership Education

Philosophy 118L Reflection

Two words: Gary Fuller!

Taking the course Philosophy 118L at Central Michigan University gave me the opportunity to learn from and interact with arguably the most eccentric and quirky little professor on any campus in all of the state of Michigan. The class began promptly at 8:00am so having a teacher with such high levels of energy and passion for the subject at hand was refreshing! Don’t get me wrong, Fuller had much to offer in the academic sense as well. I learned a great deal from his examples and the stories he used to better explain the principles of philosophy and the subject of morals.

Although I do feel that my professor was the greatest resource in the course, I would also like to commend him for the texts he chose for the class. There were four different books required, thankfully none too expensive, but each was interesting in its own way. I can safely say that I learned at least one thing from each textbook for that class. This statement alone is, I feel, a great compliment to the class because it is more than I can say for many of the other classes I’ve taken in my lifetime.

Another factor in my great experience is the roster of students I endured the semester of Philosophy with. I took the class with the Leader Advancement Scholar cohort class of 2012, which is my mentor’s class! Although I began the semester feeling shy and awkward around this group of individuals, I am so thankful for the way the classroom was run every Tuesday and Thursday because it certainly brought me out of my shell and consequently closer to almost everyone in the room.

I, without a doubt, recommend this course to any and every Central Michigan Chippewa out there! Experiencing professor Gary Fuller alone makes it all worth it!

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