The great thing about this page is it’s versatility and ability to grow; I am constantly fine-tuning the skills I currently have as well as learning new skills to add to the list. I love that a persons skill set capacity has absolutely no limit and absolutely no set definition! Any person can have computer skills, but not everyone will have the exact same skill level or knowledge and understanding of that skill that you may have. That being said, I am proud to present the current set of unique skills I feel I personally possess:

Computer Skills:

Over the course of my schooling and work experience I have had the great opportunity to learn the in’s and out’s of the computer programs listed below. I also have been able to put my knowledge to the test through the repeated use of each program when completing various tasks in both the classroom and work setting. Some examples are creating PowerPoint’s for class presentations and designing many brochures and flyers for the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce  during my summer long internship in their office.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Automated Accounting Software

Office Skills:

I have worked in numerous office settings, including work at the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce and the Newaygo County Probate Court Office. These experiences along with other jobs and school opportunities I have been given have shown me that there are many different aspects to efficiently running a successful business in an office setting and that each of those aspects demands a different set of skills. My time spent working in different office settings has blessed me with at least a general knowledge of how to work a few different brands/types of the following common office machinery:

  • Copy Machine
  • Fax Machine
  • Printer

I also have acquired the knowledge in proper office phone etiquette and through much practice have worked up a skill set in helping people over the phone with issues that range from answering simple inquiries about certain information to handling angry customers. I have also been trained in the proper way to transfer calls, take messages, and place people on hold. Seeing our world advance more and more into the age of technology and cell phone use has convinced me even further that this is a skill set that will serve me well in the future and would help others as well.

Life Skills:

This is where I feel the majority of the individualism of skill sets is found. Everyone leads a different lifestyle and therefore everyone acquires and cultivates different skill sets. Other people may have life skills similar to mine, but they can never do them like me! A few of the life skills I practice often and enjoy exhibiting the most are:

  • crocheting
  • shower singing
  • hablando un poco espanol (pero estoy trabajando aprender mas)

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