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Garden Leader Training Seminar

In my sophomore year at Central Michigan I was given the unique opportunity to attend a three day Garden Leader Training Seminar hosted by the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Now a graduating senior, I am happy to be reflecting on this experience two years later as it affords me the chance to really express all… Continue reading Garden Leader Training Seminar

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LAS in the D – Part 1: Pre Service Trip!

Detroit, It’s Michigan’s very own claim to fame; the town has been home to celebrities, one of the largest automakers in the country, trophy winning athletes and an incredibly large population of amazing people. While some of the city’s exterior glamour has faded and the population has decreased, there still remains much of the same… Continue reading LAS in the D – Part 1: Pre Service Trip!

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Leadership Lives: Quietly but Currently

So many times the headlines we read scream the praises or problems of the socially famous and unfortunately, more often than not, we let those headlines dictate who we view as our leaders. Worse yet, while our eyes are trained to watch the “Justin Biebers” and “Miley Cyrus’s” of the world we are missing the… Continue reading Leadership Lives: Quietly but Currently