Deed #21: Smile at Everyone

“You’re never fully dressed until you put on a smile!”

This is one of the happiest and most realistic quotes I have heard to date! I believe there should never go a day where your face isn’t painted with a smile and I think I do a great job of living that belief out everyday! I smile at my friends and family when I see them, I smile at teachers and elders that I meet with, and I always smile at strangers because you never know how bad they may need it!

I smile on campus so often that one of my new friends has given me the nickname “smiley” on multiple occasions and it always brings me back to high school, where I was called “smiley” at least once or twice a week by teachers or school staff. I never minded the nickname and don’t mind it still because even though I’m being playfully teased for it, if I keep smiling at everyone around me, I’m bound to make a positive impact in someone’s day!

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