Deed #32: Visit an Animal Shelter

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore animals… thus spending a day at the local animal shelter feels more like a treat than community service, but visiting an animal shelter actually proves to be a great way to serve your community. My roommate, Jordan, and I visited our local animal shelter this year and learned that there’s a lot more to running the shelter than just keeping the animals happy and healthy. While we were there we were able to help the Mount Pleasant Humane Animal Treatment Society with washing and drying both cat and dog dishes as well as the cats litter boxes. We also helped with the laundering of the animals toys and cage blankets then put away all the clean items. After helping with some of the cleaning we got to the fun part: interacting with the animals! I walked a couple dogs outside while Jordan played with some kittens. It was such fun to take the time to be outside and enjoy the energy and love the animals emitted once allowed outside of their cages! I felt so happy to be the one to give them that chance at freedom even if it was only for a day! I encourage everyone to visit an animal shelter at least once in their life time it’s a happy experience!

IMG_3799 IMG_3792 IMG_3809

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