Deed #5: Let Someone Cut in Line

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve been so busy and stressed all day that by the evening the only thing you want is to stuff your face with food and rest? Well, this last Monday was that day for me; it was an I deserve a mini pizza after dark kind of day!

Lucky for me there is a campus market one building over from my residence hall that sells the very mini pizzas I mentioned above and during my study break I paid a visit to it with my friends Brianna and Gary. Both Bri and I knew exactly what we wanted and had plans to study still that night. It took us about .2 seconds to gather our purchases and get in line. Gary on the other hand couldn’t decide what to get if his life depended on it. He had looked in a few aisles and was down to scanning the counter candy racks, but nothing was in his hands yet. At this point I was next in line, with Bri right behind me and a few other customers falling in line behind her. Instead of further holding up the line while waiting for Gary to decide I stepped away and let everyone cut me. Joining Gary on the side, I waited and tried to help him come up with a suitable study snack. We ended up letting a total of six people cut us in line. Some were in a hurry, some just mosied past, and almost all were vocally grateful!

Doing something I felt was helpful, or at least kind, towards the other people in the market made my antsy-ness, about waiting for Gary, dissipate. Although I was feeling calm, I may or may not have bugged him until he picked something to eat, but that’s just because I like to spice up life with my dramatics. In all honesty, Andrew Nalian said it best when he said “Why would you want to rush through life?” Stopping for a bit to ponder the choice in front of us was refreshing, even if it did make my pizza a little colder than desired.


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