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Fred Factor Project : Share the Magic Reflection

Among the vast number of things Dan Gaken has taught me this semester is the meaning of being a “Fred” and what it means to have that certain “Fred Factor” in your life. A fred is someone that continually works to create value for others and make a difference in the world. This definition is… Continue reading Fred Factor Project : Share the Magic Reflection

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Psychology 100L Class Reflection

Psychology 100L with professor Matthew Prewett is the second college level psychology class I’ve taken in the past two years, however it’s also the best psychology class I’ve taken! While much of the material was a bit of review for me, the atmosphere of the class and Professor Prewett’s teaching style were refreshing and new.… Continue reading Psychology 100L Class Reflection

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Connections Conference 2013 Reflection

    Smack in the middle of one of my most stressful and busy school weeks of the semester is exactly where the Leadership Institute scheduled what turned out to be one of the most fun and exciting weekends of my college experience thus far. It’s not surprising that, although I was swamped with homework… Continue reading Connections Conference 2013 Reflection

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Leadership Safari Reflection

Much like about 1,700 other fired up new Chippewa’s, I began my collegiate experience with a four day conference called Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is a four day leadership conference put on by Central Michigan University located on their campus. Any one of the university’s incoming freshman are welcome to take part in this event… Continue reading Leadership Safari Reflection