New Girls on the Block

To get this project rolling, Meghan and I took the first stab, on our own, at making it through the process of paperwork and gathering vendors. We approached the process in the same way we would for any other event our organization would host. As leaders of our organization we have become very accustomed to the methods our university uses to approve events, because of this experience we felt we had it in the bag and could easily move into planning out more of the markets small details relatively quickly.

We filled out the online forms through Orgsync and waited for about a week for their review and approval before contacting someone in the Office of Student Activities and Involvements regarding it’s progress. Upon talking to the office that deals with the approval of those forms we learned more about the actual process necessary to make this a reality.

At this point Damian really stepped in and helped us navigate the system. He was the most helpful to Meghan and I throughout the process and really acted as a leader for us both. This was hard for me to accept at first. I’m not used to being the follower in situations like this and even though I have learned how important follower-ship is to developing great overall leadership skills, I still struggled a time or two with going about certain parts of the journey Damian’s way.

One of the best aspects of the follower-ship theory I have learned to exercise more and with better fluidity, since working with Meghan and Damian, is my ability to interact with followers in a way that allows them to take charge a bit more. I believe I have a better handle on knowing when to remain quiet or hold my tongue and let others talk; I feel as though all my interactions with Damian and Meghan, especially in meetings with important University professionals, have helped me to strengthen my ability to Enable Others to Act.

It sounds childish, but for a short period of time I was selfishly upset that Damian was swooping in and running the show.After working with him and Meghan for a bit I realized how sweet and helpful he was to us and began to focus more on my follower-ship skills. Looking back now I am grateful for the manner in which things occurred, I have a much better sense of follower-ship skills when acting in a leadership position and as a leader everyday. I wouldn’t trade those interactions for anything now because I am certain they have helped to prep me for important interactions in the future.