Deed #22: Save Energy

All throughout my childhood I can remember my mom constantly yelling at me to “turn off the lights”, “don’t stand with the fridge door open”, and “don’t let the water run”! It seemed silly to me as a child, but I now realize that she was simply trying to teach us to save energy and live a greener life. Now I’m in college and living on my own which means I no longer have someone constantly reminding me to take certain steps to save energy! Realizing that it’s now up to us to be more energy conscious, my roommates and I have made it a habit to yell at each other more often about turning off the lights in rooms were not using, and turning down the heat if it’s a warm day outside. These may be small things, but they are our contribution to saving energy in the dorms and on campus as a whole.

Luckily our RHD is energy conscious enough for the whole hall and has devised little reminders that are placed throughout the resident’s rooms to remind them to turn off the lights when they leave the room. I think these are great, especially for those who do not have the luxury of a roommate that can verbally remind you to be energy efficient!

photo (13)

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