I have always had a knack for getting myself involved up to my eyeballs in extra-curricular activities, work, and volunteer commitments. As discussed in my Living Curiously page, I am a firm believer that the best way to learn is through real life, active experiences. This is most likely why I am constantly joining, starting, or servicing different projects and have come to the point where I can no longer keep track of all that I do. Therefore on this page I shall stick to giving only a simple outline of the experiences I have had where I have held a leadership role or where I feel I have positively impacted the organization I worked with.

Throughout all of high school I was involved the most in my school’s Student Council. I began my involvement as a freshman and remained loyal through graduation. My Junior year I was elected the Student Council Vice President and Senior year held the position of President. There was never a dull moment working with my Student Council to change and better both our community and school.

Two other extra curricular groups I worked a great deal with while in high school is the Voice of Reason volunteer group and the CSAA Writing Club. Much like my Student Council, I also joined these organizations as a freshman and continued my service with them until graduation day. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of time spent volunteering with the Voice of Reason as well as competitively writing for my CSAA Writing team.

An organization I am extremely proud to have had a local impact on is the Business Professionals of America group. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to work within this organization from freshman year and on, I joined my county’s Business Professionals of America chapter as a Junior in high school. Upon becoming involved with the organization I immediately ran for and obtained the Vice President position. My next year of involvement I was ecstatic to hold the position of chapter President and go with a group of my fellow BPA members to Nationals in Orlando, Florida. This was another group that gave me unending things to do, but simultaneously unending reasons to smile.

I am currently working very diligently and happily with Central Michigan University’s Registered Student Organization: Campus Grow. I recently obtained the position of Co-Coordinator of the organization and find my time divided between planning, advertising, researching, and straight out acting. This experience, perhaps above all else thus far, has taught me the most about what it is truly like to make lasting positive changes in the world, ones that clearly impact the people around you. I must say, experiencing that is an amazing and compelling feeling.

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