Deed #1: Donating Blood

For as long as I can remember I have had the greatest fear of needles. Seeing this written out on digital paper makes me feel a little embarrassed because I now see how ridiculous that must sound. To be afraid of an inanimate object that is significantly smaller than me and poses little to no threat to my being is quite silly, however I cannot seem to help the fact that just the sight of a needle sends me faint-headedly to the floor.

blooddonorrules   redcrossblooddrive

This is the main reason I have never been able to partake in blood drives. Mostly because they scare me, but also because the nurses generally don’t like their patients to fall over or get sick after donating. This Monday I donated blood and conquered my fear of medical supplies to save, what the Red Cross nurse: Rachel told me, would be three lives!


Although the finger prick was painful and the blood extraction process less than enjoyable, I value the experience as a whole. The feeling of well-doing following the experience is comparable to little else and certainly brightened my day exponentially! I strongly encourage those of you that have no problem facing a needle to participate in your next local blood drive. I encourage, just as strongly, those that do have a fear of blood or needles to take on those feelings that hold you back in the name of service and goodwill. Your act could save three lives and will make you feel so wonderful inside!

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