Dirty Jobs

As much passion as I have for the farmers market and sharing the ideals of a sustainable, earth friendly, healthy lifestyle with everybody, that is how much passion I have for leadership! I believe it’s an important philosophy to invest time and effort into and I think it has helped me to better myself as a person. I enjoy it because it has allowed me to meet many people I now call my good friends and there are many fun aspects of the “job”.

That being said, there are also some not so fun parts of the whole leadership gig. Working to put up the farmers market often felt like a large scale marathon of boring emails and countless meetings discussing details of production. Some days I just wanted to be a customer that gets to show up on market day and enjoy buying fruit. Some nights I would reply to Meghan and Damian’s texts that I had already sent the email or set up the meeting, but really was in the middle of typing it or was going to get to it the next morning…that sounds terrible, but I’m finding that often in leadership the small, less-than-fun details are what comprise the majority of every operation. Nothing runs smoothly without all the little kinks worked out and details worked over. Who else is going to tend to the business portion of such a project, but those in the leadership position.

I didn’t gain any large leadership epiphanies from running myself ragged some weeks perfecting details, but I did grow up more. I realized the details aren’t going to go away and just because they run on a smaller scale than other aspects of the job doesn’t mean they’re less significant. They need to be taken seriously and taken care of. I’m glad I felt like I was exhausted with emails and sick of going to meetings. I’m glad I slacked on small jobs occasionally and thus dealt with the repercussions of those decisions. They’ve pushed me to grow just that little bit more.