Deed #2: Scattering Good Luck

Mount Pleasant, MI is officially a lucky place to be! How can this be you ask, well it all started about a week ago with my friend Jess and me. She needed to make a run to the local Sally’s Beauty Salon and rather than lend her my car, I lent her my company; we bundled up to walk all the way from Central Michigan University’s North Campus to the store, which is about a 2 mile walk one way. The best part of this journey however was the luck we scattered the entire way. Before setting foot on the road we stopped at the bank and stocked up on 50 pennies worth of heads-up, lucky provisions. We then proceeded to make pit stops at various businesses along the way, leaving nothing but good luck in our wake.

This prolonged our trip a tad, but in the end we were able to leave a little luck in each of the following locations:

  1. Target
  2. Salvation Army Thrift Store
  3. The Mount Pleasant Book Nook
  4. Motel 8
  5. Sally’s Beauty Salon
  6. Woldt Hall of CMU
  7. Saxe Hall of CMU
  8. Burger King
  9.  Bovee University Center of CMU
  10. Engineering/Technology Building of CMU

A few days after scattering the pennies I made a point to glance through both Woldt Hall and the Engineering/Technology Building on Central’s campus. I noticed that the bulk of the pennies we had left were now picked up! I hope whoever spotted them got an extra big smile on their face and an extra bit of luck in their day.  The pennies that haven’t been picked up yet don’t discourage me in the slightest because I can now feel as though my one time action will keep giving throughout the spring semester. I also hope someone finds them when they need that lucky token the most!

To watch a short flipagram on our Lucky Adventure please follow this link!

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