Deed #14: Write a Positive Online Review

Inspired by the idea that taking the time to fill out a positive online review could be seen as a good deed, I, for the first time ever, logged into my account to do just that. I had recently purchased a phone case through, which would normally seem so useless that I couldn’t ever see the need for praise, but this case was different. For all of this past semester at college I have been carrying around my phone and student i.d, as well as cash occasionally, in my pockets. These are items that I literally have to take everywhere nearly every day. Having them all separate meant that I was constantly losing one item or another and it was becoming annoying. So I found a case with a built in pocket to better organize and hold my stuff.

Upon initially receiving and utilizing the case, I was impressed at just how firmly it held all my belongings. Then I participated in the color run and was simply astounded at how well the case protected my phone from the colorful dust and held in my valuables while I ran. This led me to log into Amazon and share my joy via a positive online review.

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