Deed #11: Start a Piggy Bank for a Cause

This deed in the book was a bit more of a challenge for me to complete than others. I use my debit card for nearly every purchase I make lately and therefore do not generate enough spare change to fill a piggy bank that could do any good for a charity. Instead I chose to fund raise for what I feel to be a worthy cause this semester aka the Michigan Special Olympics! I raised money specifically for the Polar Plunge event that was hosted on CMU’s campus this winter to raise funds and awareness for the Michigan Special Olympics.

My first step to raising money for this event and organization was to create a FirstGiving account with an initial donation of $10.00. I then proceeded to inform my friends and family on what I was doing as well as ask for donations of any size to help the cause. I spoke to people face to face, talked to relatives on the phone, and Facebook messaged even more still. By the time the Polar Plunge event rolled around I had fundraised $75.00 for the Michigan Special Olympics and was able to participate in a completely new endeavor with some very cool teammates. Polar Plunging was a great experience, very cold, but very fun and was only made better for me knowing that I worked to help a worthy charity in order to take part in the event.

polar plunge

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