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Don’t Judge a Class by It’s Curriculum…

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Everyone has something they are passionate about, something that makes work feel like play! Often it is easy for us to identify the passions others have simply by watching them light up when they talk about it or observing the enthusiasm they gain when working with that subject!

For me, serving along-side someone who is quite obviously passionate about the work they’re doing is the next best thing to working with my own passions. I believe it is for this very reason that I enjoy attending my Political Science 105 class at Central Michigan University. The Professor, Mr. Thomas Stewart makes it abundantly clear to me every Tuesday and Thursday that he has a passion for the American political system.  Although I do not in any way share this passion for politics with him (in fact just hearing about it normally bores me to pieces) I have found that his passion for the subject matter has instilled in me a desire to learn more about what is going on in our government and also it has created a truly enjoyable learning environment for me.

I am taking this course with my fellow members of the Leader Advancement Scholarship Cohort, which has also had a great hand in the creation of this open and inquisitive learning environment. Even though I don’t necessarily take pleasure in hearing about some of the topics we discuss nor have any interest in the laws we cover, Stewart has shown me their relevance to my everyday life and my peers have shown me the many perceptions that can stem from these teachings.

I am so grateful for both my classmates and my professor for helping me to make this learning experience such a positive one, while also teaching me so many new things regarding our government and the politics that run it.Coming into this class in the beginning of the 2014 spring semester I was almost certain that this would be the most boring and skipped class on my entire schedule. Every week and interaction in the class has proved to me that valuable learning is not always about the content of your studies, but instead can come from the environment you work in and the passions of the people around you. I honestly think it’s passionate professors and classroom experiences such as that which I have found in Political Science 105 that bring to life the real meaning of “The CMU Difference!” It’s an amazing phenomenon and I’m glad to have been, as well as continue to be, a part of it!


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