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Leadership Practices Inventory

L-P-I. These three letters have had me nervous, unsettled, and incredibly contemplative for about a week now! They’ve caused me to reflect deeply on myself as well as to reach out to some old friends, asking them to reflect on my actions as well. These three letters stand for the Leadership Practices Inventory 360. This is a thorough assessment on a person’s leadership skills and traits based on the way they asses themselves as well as the feedback they receive on the way others perceive their leadership.

My initial thoughts on the five practices of the LPI, which include Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart, are that they make great overall categories for the many traits and skills leaders have. However I also feel that there need to be either more questions for the quizzes administered or they need to be worded in a way that can generate something more than a situational response. For a greater portion of the questions on the test I felt as though my only answer was “well, it really depends…” Aside from these feelings I believe the LPI is a great resource for students and aspiring leaders alike.

Before I received my Leadership Practices Inventory results I was nervy that the way I scored myself on things would be a great deal higher than the scores given to me by my observers. Immediately upon viewing my scores I became quite relieved to find that this was not the case. In fact I scored myself significantly lower than any of my observers had. It took only a moment of perusing the score differences for me to feel incredibly grateful for all the amazing people in my life; people that think so highly of me and believe in the things I aspire to do. The thought that all my friends, employers and mentors are slightly delusional also crossed my mind, but I like to think that the first one is more correct. While I am both very appreciative of my high score and skeptical of it at the same time, I feel that the best way to use my LPI scores is by treating the lower ones as constructive criticism. Focusing on the aspects of my leadership that don’t shine through so brightly will help me to become a more well- rounded leader and potentially will help me develop new skills not only as a leader but as a student and civilian in general.   This will challenge me to take strides in changing the way I act, speak and even think. It gives me the oomph I need to reform the parts of my character that are less than satisfactory.  I really enjoy this aspect of the LPI and have quite a few ideas on how to begin this character metamorphosis.

The Leadership Practices Inventory has already opened my eyes so much; I can’t wait to experience every other positive change it has in store for my life. I strongly encourage others, if given the opportunity, to take part in this assessment as well!


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