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Leadership Lives: Quietly but Currently

So many times the headlines we read scream the praises or problems of the socially famous and unfortunately, more often than not, we let those headlines dictate who we view as our leaders. Worse yet, while our eyes are trained to watch the “Justin Biebers” and “Miley Cyrus’s” of the world we are missing the opportunity to applaud some of the most inspiring actions made by our planet’s  true leaders.

Recently the United States experienced a heart wrenching trauma; the bombing of innocent athletes and supporters at the Boston Marathon left Americans both shocked and scared. Naturally the media immediately focused on the perpetrators who caused the chaos and both the media and public, rightfully so, turned their attention to the victims hurt by the crime. A less than apparent demographic also played a large part in this whole event. The runners, by-standers, and public service workers who risked everything to help those around them during that frightfully, dangerous and uncertain time are a group of individuals that I feel portrayed true leadership skills. Though they were just as scared and affected as every other person at the Boston Marathon, the people that turned into the smoke and chaos to help those that couldn’t do so for themselves, showed great courage and integrity, which I feel are both tried and true traits of leadership.  Their rendition of selflessness was to me, and I’m sure many others, absolutely refreshing as well as motivational, it truly displayed their leadership talents.

I feel that the main reason people, including myself, are motivated to follow these leaders’ example is because their actions were done without incentive and not immediately greeted with a cheesy reward. They did not act with the intention of receiving a prize nor did they expect their life to be bettered greatly by it. Another way people were affected by and drawn to their leadership is through the instantaneous good effects it brought to the surrounding people. This is exactly what I admire about their leadership style, it’s daring and determined nature has caused me to re-evaluate my own leadership style as well as other aspects of my life. I was and still am very inspired by the courageous, selfless acts that were performed on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. A day that could otherwise have been regarded with nothing but sadness can now be a reminder of the quiet, yet powerful leaders our country currently harbors.

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