Leadership Development

Two-Thousand Fourteen Ambitions

Even though it’s only January 21st, I have already heard nearly everyone I know say “2014 is going to be my year!”, however I don’t share this view. I don’t anticipate this to be a bad year, I simply want to look at it as more of a stepping stone in my life and less of viewing it as a single chunk of time.

To make 2014 a building block of the rest of my life I’m going to focus on changing and fine-tuning the very foundation  of who I am, rather than changing the small quirks I have or tweaking my everyday routine a little. Since leadership is a large part of who I am, any transformations I make will certainly impact, not only me as a leader, but I’m hoping the people around me as well.

The first personal adjustment I want to be made in 2014 is that of my pride! I’m more than ready to trade in my eagerness to receive recognition of my successes for the quiet, uplifting life style of a more humble counterpart. I want my first thoughts and reactions in regard to anything I’m apart of accomplishing to be that it wasn’t “I” that achieved it; it came to be all because of an “us” or “we” working together.  Not only do I want 2014 to move the word teamwork to the forefront of my vocabulary, but also to make that word compel me to be more initially willing, eager in fact, to give the credit for successes to others, as individuals and as a group. I want my leadership style to be more encouraging and supportive, starting with a genuinely humble personality, one that will drown out the little voice in my head I hear incessantly nagging at me to work for recognition and replace it with one that encourages me to turn the tables of recognition and experience the joy of giving it!

A change I need to make in 2014 is in the overall way I carry myself, the things I say that cause people to perceive me in a certain way, to sum it up, in the overall seriousness of my stature.  I need a hardcore professionalism wake-up call that can help me relocate my internal filter and focus on being more appropriate in everyday life, because that’s where I believe the most leading is done, in exemplary  ways every day.

I think one of the best ways for me to take a step in changing my character for the better is to devote my time to helping others. That is why, in 2014, I plan to share more of my able body with society through physical, direct, and active volunteerism. I know better than anyone that I am not the brightest, strongest, or most motivated person I know, but I am one of the most blessed. I have full use of all 5 of my senses, full use of every part of my body and a brain that wants to learn more every day.  I realize now more than ever that these are not rights everyone has, but instead blessings that should not be taken for granted.  I want to wake up grateful for these blessings every morning and I feel that sharing my abilities with others through service is the best way to keep my gratitude in check. I’m excited to use 2014 as the stepping stone to a more grateful life.

Keeping in mind still that I don’t plan to fully accomplish any large scale projects or changes this year I have decided that I will simply be happy to end the year with a greater sense of self and more positive image of the person I am on the inside. I want to succeed in obtaining a stronger character base that is unique and can withstand the test of both time and pressure from outside sources. I have confidence that this can be achieved and that I will make it happen.


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