Leadership Education

Psychology 100L Class Reflection

Psychology 100L with professor Matthew Prewett is the second college level psychology class I’ve taken in the past two years, however it’s also the best psychology class I’ve taken! While much of the material was a bit of review for me, the atmosphere of the class and Professor Prewett’s teaching style were refreshing and new. I really enjoyed the laid-back pace of the course work and the fact that as a leader advancement scholarship cohort we took the class together,even better than that, we were allowed to work together on the majority of the assignments. Not only did we work together on the homework, but we also helped each other out in studying for the exams and filling each other in on missed class periods! I’ve never experienced that level of open willingness to help come from students in any other class I have taken.

In the class we learned a great deal about the different ways psychology and leadership coincide as well as various ways we can use psychology to become better leaders. I found that, even though some of the psychological studies we learned about or the theories we were taught seemed a bit outlandish for everyday life, the basic psychological concept of them and a great deal of the vocabulary could actually transition quite smoothly into everyday use.

I’m sure that much of the knowledge I gathered from the coursework in this class will serve me well in the future, but at the same time, I can’t help feeling that the true value of this class lies in the experiences I gained every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-3:15pm in Moore Hall.

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