Leadership Education

President Ross Reflection

This semester the 2013 Leader Advancement Scholar class had the privilege of being joined in class one day by CMU’s President Ross himself for an inspiring talk about leadership, campus, and pursuing your goals! The president was very personable and began his speech by getting to know each of us a little better. He went around the room and asked us our names, hometown, field of potential study, and why we chose CMU. Being a room full of friendly, for the most part talkative, people, the conversations usually extended a bit past the basic inquisitions, however I felt that’s what made it more personal and unique. I enjoyed the fact that he didn’t come into the room with a scripted motivational-leadership pep talk of some kind, but instead took the time to get to know a little about us and to also share some of his life’s story as well. It’s both humbling and empowering to know about the President’s beginnings and that his journey to the presidential seat wasn’t just a cake walk.

Not only did his life stories speak volumes to me personally and I’m sure to many of my classmates as well, but his advice was truly respectable and made every second of that class period worth my time and energy. I realize that he’s a busy guy and doesn’t make a habit of speaking in every class on campus, so I feel that much more grateful and mindful of the things he said to us during his visit. I now view President Ross as more than just an authority figure on campus, he is a true Chippewa inspiration. Fire Up Chips!


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