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Eagle Village Mentor/Mentee Retreat Reflection


This past weekend I had the privilege and pleasure of attending CMU’s Leader Advancement Scholar Mentee/Mentor retreat at Eagle Village in Everett, Michigan. Almost all of the L.A.S sophomore and freshman class attended the gathering. This getaway came at the right time for me because it was a nice escape from campus and truly a lot of fun! The ropes course and giants ladder were, although nerve-frying in the beginning, a great experience. The Eagle Village staff was also gracious enough to facilitate some leadership/team building activities for us.

While the activities were absolutely a blast to complete, what I really got out of them was a better understanding of how differently people operate. In one of my group sessions we talked about communication and how some people are introverts while others identify as extroverts. On top of that I gained the knowledge of which side of the introvert/extrovert spectrum some of my L.A.S cohort members are. I truly feel this information is helping me better practice the platinum rule here at Central Michigan University.

Even more than all that the retreat has made me feel as though I truly got to know the people in my class, and the class above mine, better. Of all the people I bonded with at Eagle Village I am especially happy to have had the chance to get closer to my mentor Mike. Our schedules don’t allow for much time to simply hang out and I was just happy to have a weekend to get to know each other better. Becoming closer to everyone in L.A.S will certainly help me be a better leader on campus because I feel that much more comfortable that I can be myself around everyone. They are all such loving and supportive people. I know Eagle Village will help my leadership skills on a larger scale because I left the retreat more confident in my ability to help others reach their potential thanks to some of the topics discussed in our sessions. Among these topics I am most excited to apply new listening skills to my everyday life. Also as I mentioned earlier, I hope to see my ability to execute the platinum rule increase thanks to our discussion on the different personality types there are and how people usually tend to work.

I would most certainly recommend this retreat to anyone. The high ropes course and giants ladder are both great ways to bond with either a team or another individual. Much of the course teaches you to trust one another and you truthfully have so much fun in the process.

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